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OT : need help/ Star Wars

Okay. Very off-topic. 
Sorry, I just don't know where else to go.

I have a requirement for a class, which is to make a speech.
My topic is about the Star Wars Phenomenon. (I would
have wanted to write about Groo, but aside from me no one
in class knows who Groo is...and even then it would probably
be too short. Unless I use the same jokes over and over...)

I just need some ideas on how to proceed. 
i.e. What do you think its influence is to people.
Why do you think it is as large as it is.
And whatever else.

Please email me privately.
Again, sorry for being off-topic.
And Thanks.

-Any flames, direct to bubble@mindless.com

(Oh, Chris - Where is your Fanpic 3 entry?)
(Maybe there shouldn't be a separate GrooFest mailing list. GrooFest is
groop stuff after all.)
(Okay, I'm just not comfortable being so OT. I wish I were squirrel...If
Groo were squirrel he wouldn't be sending any OT messages to the gRRop
list. Too bad he isn't sub'd anymore.)
(Join FanPic 3!!!)