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If Groo was a...

Tennille Tan whispered:

> (Okay, I'm just not comfortable being so OT. I wish I were squirrel...If
> Groo were squirrel he wouldn't be sending any OT messages to the gRRop
> list. Too bad he isn't sub'd anymore.)

If Groo was a squirrel, there wouldn't be any pine trees left.
If Groo was a lucky cat, dogs woudn't be as lucky as him (as dougnuts
would be his favourite food).
If Groo was a sparky urinetoast he'd fry all electric fences.
If Groo was a woodchuck, there wouldn't be any more woods to chuck.
If Groo was ME, everyone would run from ME.
If Groo was Erin... well, he would be no more than a Cyber-ghost!
(Unless he was the Real Erin, of course)