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Re: Fan Pic 3

Hi guys/grrls!

Jacob wrote:
I need someone to send me the rules for FP3.

If I remember correctly, the rules are: 1. No cheating. 2. Use any media (pencil, pen, computer, clay, etc.). 3. Scan using jpg or gif format. If you don't have a scanner, then you can snail mail it to me, as long as it's not in color, and I'll scan it. (My scanner doesn't handle color well.) However, there's not much time left to mail it to me, since the contest ends on Sept. 30. 4. The contest ends on Sept. 30. 5. No cheating. 6. Prize is a 3-D book, signed with sketch by Sergio, purchased from Sergio at this year's San Diego Comic Con. 7. Email your entry to me (ericchun@hotmail.com) or upload it to a web site (and I'll download it). 8. Don't forget to send in your entry! 9. If your picture is or may be controversial, a survey may be taken to determine whether it is acceptable. (Sorry.) Anything that would probably be printed on the cover of a Marvel or DC comic book is probably acceptable. Plus, there are this year's and last year's Fan Pic entries for reference. 10. You don't have to be from Sweden, the capital of Norway to win.

See you.


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