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                   Jayde.com Member Newsletter
                       September 22, 1999
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1.) About This Newsletter

JaydeNews is an optional bi-weekly newsletter available to those who
submitted their website to the jayde.com search engine and directory. 

Jayde.com is a search engine that contains only the best and most 
relevant sites on the web! The Jayde newsletter focuses on improving
and popularizing all web sites in our directory. If you would like
to submit an article for a future issue of this newsletter please 
send it to info@jayde.com.

2.) How Your Web Site can Generate Over 25 Times  More Buying 
    Customers in Less than a Year, by Michael W. Campbell

--- Get Rid Of Everything On The Home Page
Put what you now call your home page inside your web site 
and use it as a directory to navigate your site. Set up a 
new home page, its sole purpose should be to attract a major 
search engine and funnel the visitors inside, to your site's 
directory. The home page should not contain any frames, 
tables or scripts of any kind. Use plain simple html 
consisting of title, headlines, links and body copy, perhaps 
even a small graphic or two. You don't even need meta tags 
on the home page.

--- Use More Than One Site
Retailers do it in the real world so why limit yourself to 
one location in the virtual world. What is hosting going to 
cost you, $25.00 a month? That's a drip in a ocean compared 
to the enormous boost in traffic that more sites will bring. 
Start with six web sites, mirror the content, put slightly 
different headlines and meta tags on each of the mirrored 
pages. If your original site consisted of 10 pages, you now 
have 60 pages working for you in the search engines. Since 
mirroring is being frowned on by some lately, you might want 
to get around this by making each site into a different 
product category. Simply make each site highly targeted to 
one product line and tie the look and feel of the various 
sites together by using the same graphic design style and 

--- Cross Linking
Very important, make sure each page inside your site (not 
the home pages) links to all your other sites and pages. 
Each internal page will contain 59 links, the best way to do 
this is with a 1x1 pixel transparent gif. Doing this will 
beat the link popularity penalty that's employed by several 
search engines. It will also create a self maintaining 
"stickiness". Now it doesn't matter if the engine tosses out 
all your pages except two of them. When it comes to crawl 
again, the two pages that stuck in the index have links to 
all your other pages, and the crawler will find them again.

--- Set Up 150 Doorway Pages (I call them hook pages)
Yes it seems like a lot, but if you have products from 10 
manufacturers and they each have 10 different models, thats 
100 hook pages per manufacturer or 1000 hook pages in all. 
Just start with your most popular makes and models, or 
generic product categories. Make two a week and you'll have 
over 100 hook pages working for you in the search engines by 
the end of the year. Will you be accused of spamming the 
engine, no. They are not going to penalize you for providing 
legitimate pages that contain content that people are 
actually searching for. Do hook pages still work, yes. Hook 
pages are my number one source for generating visitors. They 
work extremely well.

--- Invert Your Database
Someone once told you that an online database is a good 
thing, well not if you want to be found in the search 
engines. If your database contains 2000 items, there might 
be 100 different makes or models and they each have 20 
different accessories. Make a static web page for each make 
or model. That will give you 100 additional highly targeted 
pages working for you in the search engines. Price changes 
are easy if your html software is like mine and can make 
global changes to everything in a folder. Just add an item 
number or sku number before the price. Then tell your html 
software to search and replace all instances of that sku 
number from old to new price.

---Submitting an Announcing
Announce only one page per day to each search engine. If you 
have 60 web pages it will take 60 days. Just be sure to 
track which pages have been announced to which search 
engines. If the search engine specifies that only the home 
page can be submitted, follow the rules, you have been 

--- Summary
Get more than one site, mirror the content or put different 
product categories on each. Just be sure to get domain names 
with keywords in them. Put up a plain home pages - but 
they'll be search engine beauties - that lead to your "real" 
home / directory / navigational pages. Cross link everything 
with invisible pixels. Write two hook pages a week focusing 
on both generic product categories and specific makes and 
models. Wait at least 24 hours before submitting another 
page from the same domain to the search engines.

There, in less than a year, you've gone from one site with 
10 pages, to six sites totalling 60 pages, plus 100 hook 
pages, plus 100 database pages, to a grand total of 260 
pages working for you in the search engines. From 10 to 260, 
that's 26 times more likely to be found, 26 times greater 
chance of having just the right keyword density to be 
"flavor of the month". If you follow this simple formula and 
put in the "sweat equity" required, you'll always have at 
least 20 top positioned pages in the 8 major search engines 
at any given moment in time.

Michael W. Campbell is the author of the new internet 
marketing book "Nothing But 'Net: How I Generated 
$750,000.00 in Internet Revenues in Less Than a Year 
With Virtually No Advertising Costs." 
( http://activemarketplace.com/net )


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