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Re: If Groo was a...

In a message dated 9/22/99 1:19:41 PM, schechnr@flash.net writes:

>>If Groo was a lucky cat, dogs wouldn't be as lucky as him (as dougnuts
>>would be his favourite food).
>Who's doug?

Doug is obviously a regenerating DOG, where else do you think DOGNUTS, and 
for that matter DOUGNUTS come from. 

If GROO was a UNIRABBIT, we'd all have sore ankles. 
If GROO was a BUBBLE, the FAN PIC III would be overloaded with entries and 
If GROO was a GARY GROSSMAN, he's collect himself but end up destroying the 
rest  of the infamous collection.
If Groo was SERGIO ARAGONES, the "Usual Gang Of Idiots" would run like MAD!

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy, AKA He Who Misspelled His Screen Name As 
The SHIEK of Entropy