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Testing - testing

Guess what?, Today I went to the national Library,
Kuala Lumpur searching
for October 1997 Men's Review Magazine  interview with
Sergio (father of
Groo) when he visited Malaysia that year.  I'll send
the photocopy to you,
Gary and Ruben.  And for those other Groop members who
want to have the
photocopy of that interview, please e-mail me.  In one
of the picture, it
shows Sergio signing a fans Groo T shirt - the same
kind of The Sun Groo T
shirt which some of the groop members bought from me.
- with a picture of
Groo hugging Rufferto - Epic# 40.  (btw, I'm sorry for
those who ordered the
T shirt in the second batch as I'm running low on cash
and I just started to
get job after finished my degree.  I'll contect those
who had ordered it
when I can buy those T shirts - I still have the list)

Thanks to Gary for forwarding my e-mail to Groop.

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