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Re: Raptus Conclusion

Hello again...

It's me again... I just want to thank you for your praise, and address some of the comments made by you lot ;)...

First of all my name... Yes... my name is Kristian... don't bug me about it ;)... As for the e-mail address it's sort of a joke; in Gematria the word Sorath is given the numerical value 666... I know it's not particularly funny, but Mordred was taken when I established my account....But if you think that my name is Kristian and my e-mail address being sorath666 is paradoxical, check this out. In Gematria both Nachash (Serpent) and Messiah (the Coming Lord) equals 358... Which, if you interpret it vulgarly, means that the Serpent is the Messiah ;)... well nuff about that.... I'll move on before you all start looking at me funny. ;)

>~~~ I just have one question.... is that last pic your official "super
>villain" pose?  ; )  The cane adds a nice "I'm evil yet refined" quality.
>I think you should go into supervillainy professionally. ; )
>Very gothic; very intense and
>Oh, and Nate is right, you DO make a good supervillain

There are different approaches do de-vilify the picture (which I kinda like myself)... I could excuse myself by saying I posed for the picture during a Vampire RPG-session where I played a not that nice Lasombra named Fortinbras, and that I'm posing as him... but that is a poor excuse.... I can only say that I'm no villain, I'm not a devil-worshipper... I'm just a dark nice guy ;).... But as for going in to supervillainy professionally, does it count that I was the prime candidate for my party in the local elections? (which coincidentally took place the day after this picture was taken)....

As for the Knight Who Says Cheesedip not being an evil enough name for me as a villain, I would just like to state that I do have several other names; like the Great Mordred (leFay), or just plain Mordred, Fortinbras, Herman Hedning (Herman the Heathen) and many more, including my birth name Kristian, which is kind of evil. (Not only is it related to a religion that has oppressed many people (no offence to any Christians on the list), it is also the birth name of the infamous Count Grishnac who is credited with starting the church-burning craze in Norway and other countries in the early nineties. For your information I can mention that he used to hang around my neighborhood allot). Sometimes I'm also reffered to as "that nut over there", "that weirdo satanic-dude", and at times just "HIM"... Not only do I have several names, I also bear several titles apart from knight; a small selection of which are

Emisary of the Illuminati
Envoy of Hell
Bearer of Strange titles,
Right hand of weirdness
the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse
Bringer of deadly Sponges
Harbinger of the Bizarre
Herald of Death
and Dingdong extraordinare

As for the Sheik's suggestion for new names, I enjoyed them all... but I found these to be the most promising:
>The Spanish Inquisition Who Says Cheesedip?
(Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition is one of my most used lines upon entering a room)
>The Buckets of Blood Pouring Out OF People's Heads Who Says Cheesedip?
(reminds me of some of the short stories I wrote as a kid)
>The Crunchy Frog Who Says Cheesedip?
(... do I need to explain this?)

Other possibilities are
The Knight Who Says Expired Cheesedip.
Nightie Knight!
the Cloaked Cheesedipper
The Dark Knight of the Dipped Cheese... (but that would be just plain weird)

Sorry, everyone for this off topic post... I just felt like writing something about myself, myself and myself. Sort of a salute to my own Glorious self....(nah...) feel free to ignore this entire letter, though if you've read this far it will probably be to late to ignore it ;)

Have fun everyone, enjoy you Cheesedip

The Knight Who Says Cheesedip

P.S. BTW... check out:
to see what else I do ;)

-"All right! That's it! It's gotten Silly!"
        - Monty Python's Flying Circus