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Re: Raptus Conclusion

I think this post deserves a nomination as "The Most Unusual" post in
next year's Rufferto Awards.....  

Not The Dark Knight of the Dipped Cheese (but I wish!),

the Knight Who Says Cheesedip wrote:
> Hello again...
> It's me again... I just want to thank you for your praise, and address some
> of the comments made by you lot ;)...
> First of all my name... Yes... my name is Kristian... don't bug me about it
> ;)... As for the e-mail address it's sort of a joke; in Gematria the word
> Sorath is given the numerical value 666... I know it's not particularly
> funny, but Mordred was taken when I established my account....But if you
> think that my name is Kristian and my e-mail address being sorath666 is
> paradoxical, check this out. In Gematria both Nachash (Serpent) and Messiah
> (the Coming Lord) equals 358... Which, if you interpret it vulgarly, means
> that the Serpent is the Messiah ;)... well nuff about that.... I'll move on
> before you all start looking at me funny. ;)
>  >~~~ I just have one question.... is that last pic your official "super
>  >villain" pose?  ; )  The cane adds a nice "I'm evil yet refined" quality.
>  >I think you should go into supervillainy professionally. ; )
> ---
>  >Very gothic; very intense and
>  >threatening.
> ---
>  >Oh, and Nate is right, you DO make a good supervillain
> ---
>         There are different approaches do de-vilify the picture (which I kinda
> like myself)... I could excuse myself by saying I posed for the picture
> during a Vampire RPG-session where I played a not that nice Lasombra named
> Fortinbras, and that I'm posing as him... but that is a poor excuse.... I
> can only say that I'm no villain, I'm not a devil-worshipper... I'm just a
> dark nice guy ;).... But as for going in to supervillainy professionally,
> does it count that I was the prime candidate for my party in the local
> elections? (which coincidentally took place the day after this picture was
> taken)....
> As for the Knight Who Says Cheesedip not being an evil enough name for me
> as a villain, I would just like to state that I do have several other
> names; like the Great Mordred (leFay), or just plain Mordred, Fortinbras,
> Herman Hedning (Herman the Heathen) and many more, including my birth name
> Kristian, which is kind of evil. (Not only is it related to a religion that
> has oppressed many people (no offence to any Christians on the list), it is
> also the birth name of the infamous Count Grishnac who is credited with
> starting the church-burning craze in Norway and other countries in the
> early nineties. For your information I can mention that he used to hang
> around my neighborhood allot). Sometimes I'm also reffered to as "that nut
> over there", "that weirdo satanic-dude", and at times just "HIM"... Not
> only do I have several names, I also bear several titles apart from knight;
> a small selection of which are
> Emisary of the Illuminati
> Envoy of Hell
> Bearer of Strange titles,
> Right hand of weirdness
> the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse
> Bringer of deadly Sponges
> Harbinger of the Bizarre
> Herald of Death
> and Dingdong extraordinare
> As for the Sheik's suggestion for new names, I enjoyed them all... but I
> found these to be the most promising:
>  >The Spanish Inquisition Who Says Cheesedip?
> (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition is one of my most used lines upon
> entering a room)
>  >The Buckets of Blood Pouring Out OF People's Heads Who Says Cheesedip?
> (reminds me of some of the short stories I wrote as a kid)
>  >The Crunchy Frog Who Says Cheesedip?
> (... do I need to explain this?)
> Other possibilities are
> The Knight Who Says Expired Cheesedip.
> Nightie Knight!
> the Cloaked Cheesedipper
> or
> The Dark Knight of the Dipped Cheese... (but that would be just plain weird)
>         Sorry, everyone for this off topic post... I just felt like writing
> something about myself, myself and myself. Sort of a salute to my own
> Glorious self....(nah...) feel free to ignore this entire letter, though if
> you've read this far it will probably be to late to ignore it ;)
> Have fun everyone, enjoy you Cheesedip
> The Knight Who Says Cheesedip
> P.S. BTW... check out:
> http://www.student.uib.no/~st01154/index.html
> to see what else I do ;)
> -"All right! That's it! It's gotten Silly!"
>          - Monty Python's Flying Circus