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Re: Groo and the Holy Grail/Knight's name

>So, Elie, you're telling us that Groo was just going to the wedding in
>his own particular idiom?

~~~You know, I tihnk Holy Grail had one of the best endings ever.  I
imagine it was a point where the Python guys said, "You know, I can't come
up with a good ending that ties everything up..." so they went for a
completely twisted "arrested by police" ending that made no sense/crossed
the boundries of time frame and was perfectly hilarious.  Back in high
school, some friends and I would recite that movie and others, word for
word  while walking down the hall.  We got quite a few nights of detention
especially since I was in charge of the "HUGE TRACTS OF LAND!" bit -- I'd
make sure I was standing next to a bunch of girls  when I delivered the
line and made the accompanying hand motions.

~Nate "I've been quiet lately huh?" P.

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