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Re: OT : need help/ Star Wars

Tennille Tan wrote: 

  >Okay. Very off-topic. 
  >Sorry, I just don't know where else to go. 

  >I have a requirement for a class, which is to make
a speech. 
  >My topic is about the Star Wars Phenomenon. (I
  >have wanted to write about Groo, but aside from me
no one 
  >in class knows who Groo is...and even then it would
  >be too short. Unless I use the same jokes over and

You can still make a speech about Groo, in the same
time you can introduce Groo to your classmates by 
bringing your Groo comics as your visual aids.

In an inteview with a Malaysian magazine, Sergio said
that groo is a satire, satirise whatever is happening 
but not as direct as Mad.  So I'll take some parts of
the interview so that you might get some ideas about 
things to talk about Groo in more serious way.  

"Groo is a comic version of what Sergio saw during his
travels, world wide problems like pollutions, animal 
preservation, politics.  Sergio's anger is subdued
through cartooniing and his view of things is more
though ironic.  He is angered by inequities, abuse of
power, graft, corruption, not paying attention to
and repeating the same old mistakes - things that
makes people angry (all these had been express in form
Groo the comic book)  "

"Groo the caracter is a catalyst, barbarian, ignorant,
uneducated, uncultured.  He's a violent swordsman.  
He's a police and the military.  In society people
trying to use him for their own purposes but they
succeeds.  He's a born loser, meaning, of course that
the use of brute force doesn't succeed."

"Rufferto is thinking and analytical and reflective. 
He rationalises whatever happens.  He is like the
of people who let things happen.  He represents all
thiose passive people who just let things happen and 
rationalise not doing anything about it."

"I did a cartoon book after my trip to Malaysia (Epioc
#55, the island of felicidad)  The story was about 
this island of complete hapiness.  No government, no
money - and I dressed the inhibitants like how 
Malaysian dress and made it look like Malaysia.  Then
Groo arrives.  By the end of the book the island is 
completely changed: money, politics, government,
corruption, the ecosystem destroyed: the whole thing
all in 24 pages."

for your works cited.
Men's Review.  "Mad Barbarian"  October 1997.Kuala
Lumpur  page 20 - 21.

You can go thru your Groo collections for specific
details/examples and bring them to class to show the 
example to your classmates and as a visual aid.

The Malaysian Grooper, the groo trooper.
ps. please reply to azamin7@pd.jaring.my

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