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Groo Sighting

Hi Folks!
Took a few minutes off from building the darned shed (running low on bandaids) and running around the state giving tax workshops (as exciting as that sounds) to stop in at my local comic book shop.
The latest Bart Simpson's Tree House of Horror (#5) has a story by Sergio and drawn by Sergio.  There is also a Simpson-ized Sergio on the cover and, of course, there is a Groo hiding in the artwork.  Sergio Simpsons really don't look much different from Groenig Simpsons, especially Homer. 
btw, I discovered a guy who has about one-sixth of all the Original Groo Card art.  He has the "Wager of the Gods" art that was made into 9 cards, he has the Kings, another 9 card piece, plus nine other single cards.  I'm a little green, but on the other hand I can't afford that much stuff.  I'll have to be satisfied with a few pieces of original art and the largest collection of published Groo art and miscellaneous Groo stuff in the known universe and beyyyoooonnndddd!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah-ha-ha-ha!!!!!  (Ooh!  haven't done that in a while.  Felt Good!) 
Anywho, this guy (who at least seems nice) said that he commissioned Tom Luth to  color both the big pieces of art. Now I can see myself paying Tom to color a Sergio drawing out of his portfolio.  But for some reason, coloring the original art from a publication, card, or whatever, seems wierd.  Or is it just me?    
Take care all -Gary G.