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Re: Groo Sighting

In a message dated 9/25/99 12:07:13 AM, grossfam@olywa.net writes:

The latest Bart Simpson's Tree House of Horror (#5) has a story by Sergio and 
drawn by Sergio.  There is also a Simpson-ized Sergio on the cover and, of 
course, there is a Groo hiding in the artwork.  Sergio Simpsons really don't 
look much different from Groenig Simpsons, especially Homer.  

    My research partner, Martin O'Hearn, showed it to me today; I must have 
missed it. My first thought was that this was another Dark Horse publication 
and I wondered how Sergio could get away with drawing such authentic-looking 
Simpsons, using their real names and everything, without Groening's 
permission. Of course, he then showed me that it was the Simpsons' own 
publisher doing it...

    I think this is the first time Sergio's actually drawn another 
cartoonist's characters in something so perfectly following his style. With 
more realistic characters he often tends to collaborate with other artists, 
as in the FANBOY series...and I also remember an issue of DC's PLOP! in the 
'70's when Cain, Abel and Eve (drawn in the framing pages, as they usually 
were, by Sergio) met a very realistic-looking Superman...which proved either 
that Sergio could do an incredible imitation of Kurt Schaffenberger's style, 
or that Kurt Schaffenberger himself was drawing the Superman figures into the 
panels. (I'm almost sure it was the latter, myself, and Martin WAS sure.)

Rich M.