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Re: Groo Sighting

Eric Escribe:

>??  Wouldn't Sergio have the largest collection of
>published Groo art?  Maybe I err ...

Ha!  You take me the fool I am!  But I say Ha! and Double Ha!  Sergio has
the largest collection of ORIGINAL Groo art. (btw, is it a "collection" when
it's your own stuff? You didn't collect it.  You did it!)  But he doesn't
have a copy of everthing that's been published.  Sometimes he sends them the
art and never even sees the publication.  I know he doesn't have as many
International Groos as I do because he told me so.  And besides, even if he
had more published Groo stuff than me it wouldn't count because he's Sergio,
as any fool can plainly see.  So there, nyahhh!!!!!   -Gary "I can plainly
see that" Grossmann