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Re: Groo Sighting

In a message dated 9/25/99 12:07:13 AM, grossfam@olywa.net writes:

>The latest Bart Simpson's Tree House of Horror (#5) has a story by Sergio
>and drawn by Sergio.  There is also a Simpson-ized Sergio on the cover
>and, of course, there is a Groo hiding in the artwork.  Sergio Simpsons
>really don't look much different from Groenig Simpsons, especially Homer.
It's a very funny story, and while I mostly agree with your comment regarding 
the look of the Sergio Simpsons, there is an essential Sergio-ness to them 
nonetheless; Sergio's own style is still more apparent with his Mexicans (of 

And Gary, you mentioned the Groo sighting, but there's also an appearance by 
Sergio within the story as well as the aforementioned cover.

Sergio's sense of irony perfectly suits a Simpsons Halloween story. A 
must-have for all of the Groop!

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy, AKA He Who Misspelled His Screen Name As 
The SHIEK of Entropy