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Hmm ...

Hi guys/grrls!

Hmm .. very interesting:

(I removed their email addresses, but everything else
is intact. -- Eric)


Message: 3   Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 12:18:48 -0400
  From: Casablanca Comics Subject: Re: This is why
This is the exact reason why Sergio Aragones didn't do sketches at the
convention this year.  This is horrible.>> -AugieHello,
I agree with this. I am a huge collector of Sergio artwork but am unable to
attend most of the conventions that he attends. Sometimes the only way I canpick
up pieces is from someone who took the time to go and stand in line to get the
sketch. I see his point though (there are LOTS of Sergio sketches that end up on
Message: 4 Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 09:20:32 -0700
From: "WorkAbility IV"
Subject: Re: Re: This is why...
I don't know why, but asking for a sketch/autograph is probably the
hardest thing for me to do at a convention. Probably because I feel bad they
have to do so much drawing for their fans and I don't like asking for
things. My husband would ask me to get sketches from certain artists for him
(he'd have panels to attend) and it wasn't a problem for me since it was
mainly the artists who did Chronos, HeartBreakers, and Vigil (forgive me for
not remembering their names off the top of my head) and they were very
friendly people.
There were only three instances where I really wanted a sketch for
myself, but each of them didn't quite work out. I went up to the artist of
Astro City (Brent Anderson?) and he was alone at his table. I spent five
minutes telling him how much I appreciated Astro City and how Winged Victory
was my favorite. When I asked for a sketch, I only got the Samaritan.
Beautiful artwork. I couldn't really complain. The second was Colleen Doran
from "Wonder Woman: Once and Future Story" - I already had the book and I
was telling her how much I liked the story since it was basically about
women empowerment. I was handing her my sketch book, asking for an
autograph. She just took out a copy of her WW book from the display stand,
signed it, and charged me five dollars. I was at a loss what to do then so I
just accepted it. It's probably somewhere in the bottom of my closet by now.
And the last sketch I sought out was Sergio Argones for Wonder Woman, he
wasn't doing any more. Actually, I didn't know why he wasn't doing them
until I read Augie's Pipeline. What had happened was that it was Sunday, a
very light day, and hardly anyone was around. We found him at a booth and he
was just leaving to go somewhere. We asked him for a sketch and he put his
hands up in the air, saying, "Sorry, I don't do any more sketches" and left.
My feelings were kinda hurt until I found out that whole ebay scenario.
At that point, I had basically given up on getting any sketches I truly
wanted and said as much to my husband. He had a surprise for me. He got Eric
Larson to do a Wonder Woman sketch (which was what I really wanted all
along) and it was the artist's first attempt at Wonder Woman. I'm going to
die happy with that sketch! Jenn

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