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Aragones/Evanier Nominated for Stoker Award

     This may be old news, but Sergio's and Mark's Dia De Las Muertos (Day 
     of the Ded) was nominated for the 1998 Bram Stoker Award in the "Comic 
     Book, Graphic Novel, or Other Illustrated Narrative" category.
     The award is given annually by the Horror Writer's Association (HWA).  
     I found this information on the HWA web page which not only lists the 
     nominees in each category, but the winners.  Although three other 
     works were nominated besides Day of the Dead, the web site indicates 
     that "No Award" was given in that category.  Seems odd to go to the 
     trouble to pick nominees and then not select a winner!  Regardless, 
     congrats to Sergio and Mark on their nomination!
     Mike S.