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Re: Announcements from M.E.

>Secondly: I am all out of the Groo signature cards by Sergio.  I'll be
>filling the requests I have at the moment but that's it, at least for
>now.  I'll let you know if we come across any more.

I, too, got my card. I'm thrilled! Thanks Mark. Thanks to Sergio. My only
disappointment is that I thought you were going to sign it as well, Mark. I
do have a Mark signature, though (in one of my sketchbooks... one of my
true treasures), so I'm not totally without. I'll bring stuff to Groofest
2000 and get more Mark signatures there. (To which Mark is thinking, "Gee,
I wonder if I can be out of town that week?")

Anyway, guys, Thanks!

BTW, I hope Carolyn Kelly can be there for Groofest as well. Her dad is
another of my major heroes.