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Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

>"missing-a-staple-cover-have-ripped-off-ballpoint-pen-scribbled" comic, 
>either, we're talkin' Very Fine/Near Mint!
>Has anyone gotten this good a deal for it on the second-hand market?
>- Tyler

~~~~ I've got a story like this, not about GROO though, but an even better
score.... I've always been a gig fan of Lone Wolf and Cub, but could never
find issues near me.... well,  a few years ago my mother got this new
boyfriend, (a self proclaimed "Japan-o-phile"), and I went over for supper
one night.... turns out he tried to impress me by bringing his entire
collection of LW&C with him to let me borrow.  Well, a week later they
broke up, ..... and well..... I've still got the entire LW&C collection
after all this time.  I assumed he'd want it back, but he never contacted
my mother or I about it, I left them in a box for a whole year assuming
he'd show up, but.....

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