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Fan Pic III

We get to vote??!!?? Yikes! Ya know, I thought all the pics were great. I really enjoy seeing the variety and cleverness of the groop. I can't decide on a favorite. Couldn't I just give everyone one point each? They're all so good...

Lucky Cat  :-)

Message from:

From: "Eric Chun" <ericchun@hotmail.com>

It's time to vote for your favorite Fan Pic III
entries!!!  The winner of the Fan Pic III contest
receives the title -- "Winner of the Fan Pic III
Contest"!  Also, the winner receives the prize ...

You can review the entries at:

Click on [Fan Pic III].

Then, please send in your votes either to the
mailing list or to me by Oct. 15, 1999.

  Favorite:__________ (3 points)
  2nd Fav: __________ (2 points)
  3rd Fav: __________ (1 point)

The entry that receives the highest point total
wins.  You must be a Groo mailing list subscri-
ber to vote.

Thank you!

See you.


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