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Re: yaaaaaa

At 01:07 AM 10/1/99 +0200, Magnus Lindgren wrote:
At 15:28 1999-09-30 -0700, Mark Evanier wrote:
>On Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:51:50 -0500, "Robert swett"
><spydaman@worldpath.net> wrote:
>>i just recived my card.......woooo hoooooo its great thanks
>>mark ...and thanks for the one for my little brother...when he
>>asked me how i got it i made like i was really connected
>>and you and me were tight. boy you should have seen his
>>eyes bug out
>ME: You're welcome.  Just remember: GROO is the only comic that cares
>about its readers.

And Groo readers care about the creators!!! (c: Even to the point of
traveling around half the Globe just to meet them (c:

And Groo readers care about the creators even more than that!!! (Even to the point of insane collectors trying to acquire the napkin that Sergio wiped the sweat off his forhead with!)

(that was a stab at Gary!)