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Re: Intl. Cards

At 11:02 AM 10/13/1999 -0300, you wrote:
>Isso aqui é lista do que ????????

voces estaou na lista do groo. alguem pos voces na lista de escreveraou, o
e om problema tecnico. para voces comsequirem tirar o nome na lista, voces
vao para www.groo.com, encontram "the group", escreve o seu e-mail adresso
and toca a onde diz "unsubscribe", porque pessoas no  brazil estaou a ser
posta na lista, e eles tao sempre escrever para mi. 
desculpa pro feuto qualquer problema.

~ Nate Piekos

(OK, guys, don't get all impressed, the girl who sits next to me at work
speaks Brazilian Portugues, so I asked her to write this for us... here's
what it says in English:

"You have been subscribed to the GROO mailing list. Someone may have
subscribed you, or this may be a technical problem.  To unsubscribe
yourself, please go to www.groo.com, find "The Groop", type in your e-mail
address and hit "unsubscribe".  For some reason, people from Brazil keep
getting accidentally subscribed.  We're sorry for any inconvenience.")

~Nate~ Someone please hang on to this Portuguese message so we'll have it
for next time.

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