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Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com>
An: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Datum: Sonntag, 3. Oktober 1999 23:40
Betreff: Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

>>"missing-a-staple-cover-have-ripped-off-ballpoint-pen-scribbled" comic,
>>either, we're talkin' Very Fine/Near Mint!
>>Has anyone gotten this good a deal for it on the second-hand market?
>>- Tyler
>~~~~ I've got a story like this, not about GROO though, but an even better
>score.... I've always been a gig fan of Lone Wolf and Cub, but could never
>find issues near me.... well,  a few years ago my mother got this new
>boyfriend, (a self proclaimed "Japan-o-phile"), and I went over for supper
>one night.... turns out he tried to impress me by bringing his entire
>collection of LW&C with him to let me borrow.  Well, a week later they
>broke up, ..... and well..... I've still got the entire LW&C collection
>after all this time.  I assumed he'd want it back, but he never contacted
>my mother or I about it, I left them in a box for a whole year assuming
>he'd show up, but.....
>~Nate~ A whole collection for free!

Heh heh hehe he ehe ehehehhhheheheheeeeeee
 Weeeellllll a few years back I was in the states after I was released from
the army, and I hit all the flea markets. I was at this one, and a gentleman
had a MASSIVE box of comics at his booth. Looking thru it I found no groo,
but x-man out the whazoo, and others to include spawn and bone(original run
bone,) plus a buttload of Elfquest. I did not get a chance to go thru the
whole box. He asked me if I was into comics, I said umm...sure. Well he said
100 bucks and the box is yours.
I cried you FOOOOOLL and gave him the money. let me break down the stupidity
of this guy:
X-Men ( original)
75-102...yes 94 was in there.
Bone 1-10 (original run)
about 25 good daredevil
Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew YES!!!!!
6 batman
all the old Ghost Rider
Purge 1-7
Evil Ernie first series
Lady death first series
I could not believe it.  His boy collected comics, and he went off to the
army, and just didn´tt want or care about them any more..I stpped listening
after I found out he was still alive....soooo.....I sold them all except for
some of them and more than tripled my money....damn!!!
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