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Groo in 1986 San Diego Comic Con

     There is a great 1/2 page illustration on page 24 of the 1986 San 
     Diego Comic-Con program.  I didn't see this in Gary's Groo List, but 
     the list I have is dated January 1999, so it might have been added 
     since.  The illustration features Groo (twice), Sage, Chakaal, 
     Minstrel, DNAgents, MAD, Alfred E. Neuman, Sergio, etc.  
     On page 19 of the same program is a large black and white photo of 
     Evanier with a biographical sketch.  Interestingly, although Groo had 
     already been around for several years, there is no mention of Groo in 
     the biographical sketch...and the sketch was written by Mark himself!
     Also, for Ruben's Sergiography, Sergio also contributed to the 
     following additional programs (these may or may not already be in the 
        1976 San Diego Comic-Con program:  Sergio drew the black, white,    
        and red cover illustration.  In addition, a black and white photo   
        of Sergio drawing a sketch appears on page 4 (a youthful photo of   
        Mark Evanier appears on page 5).
        1977 San Diego Comic-Con program:  an 17 panel black and white      
        cartoon by Aragones appears on page 48.  
     I'm sure Aragones has contributed to many more San Diego Comic-Con 
     programs.  If anyone knows of any, sent them to Ruben for the 
     Mike S.