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Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

In a message dated 10/4/99 2:51:59 PM, the.squirrel@t-online.de writes:

>>>either, we're talkin' Very Fine/Near Mint!
>>>Has anyone gotten this good a deal for it on the second-hand market?
>>>- Tyler
>>~~~~ I've got a story like this,?a week later they
>>broke up?he never contacted
>>my mother or I about it, I left them in a box for a whole year assuming
>>he'd show up, but.....
>>~Nate~ A whole collection for free!
>Heh heh hehe he ehe ehehehhhheheheheeeeeee?some of them and more than 
tripled my money....damn!!!

Okay, my turn! 

You want to talk about a great deal! How about a huge comic collection for 
only $200?!!! 

I'm talking multiple mint sets of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, WATCHMEN and THE 
DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, a complete set of GROO up until 1987 or so (when this 
transaction took place), plus a whole lotta really cool stuff!!!

Ummm, ya see, when I sold this stuff I was reallyreallyreally broke, rent was 
due, I was having no luck job-hunting, and, uhhh?DID I ERR???


I didn't say it was a good story FOR ME, but it's probably a good story for 
SOMEBODY out there! I guess this is why I say I'm not a COLLECTOR, but rather 
a READER. Oh well, I guess this counts as a Grooism, huh?

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik Of Entropy