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Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

A friend of mine gave me a Pacific Groo 1 & 2 when he returned from a trip to
Sydney one time. This was my intro to Groo and I haven't missed one since.

Dieter :)#

Starfi5755@aol.com wrote:

> Hey, Groop! I'm usually a lurker, but now I emerge from under my rock to
> boast of my good fortune!
> I was walking through the Portland Comic-Book Convention earlier today, when
> I spotted a Pacific Groo No.1 for $10. I wasn't sure, so I decided to come
> back later when I had made up my mind. As I was passing another stand, I took
> a peak at a copy of The Death of Groo graphic novel. The woman at the booth
> asked, "Do you like Groo?" I responded, immeditately, "yes!" She said, "I
> have the whole collection over here. My dad really loved them. I've got them
> going for two bucks a piece."
> As I thumbed through, I couldn't believe it! I found the Pacific No. 1, and
> bought it for the two smackers!
> This wasn't a
> "missing-a-staple-cover-have-ripped-off-ballpoint-pen-scribbled" comic,
> either, we're talkin' Very Fine/Near Mint!
> Has anyone gotten this good a deal for it on the second-hand market?
> - Tyler