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Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

--- Starfi5755@aol.com rubbed it in and said:

> Has anyone gotten this good a deal for it on the
> second-hand market?

--- And I remembered:

...that when I was working on the new Groo Webring
graphics  (NEW groo.com: coming soon! hopefully!
right, grooteam???) during a slow time at work, my
buddy saw what I was doing and freaked out... "GROO!"
He said he had a bunch of em in his closet... that he
bought the Pacifics and read them, & subscribed when
the Epic line came out, but didn't read them... just
stacked em up. He said he'd bring em in for me. When
he brought them in, he said, "so how much'll you give
me for em?" He had all the Pacifics, and Epic 1-35. I
was like "well, i need #28, I'll give you $3"...
"Naw," he said, "take em all. I don't want em. Make me
an offer." I gave him $60 for all of em. which I
thought was a pretty good deal. he was just happy to
clean out his closet!


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