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Groo Find & Rain

Hi Folks!
Well, in true Groo fashion, I managed to get everything done on the shed before the rains came.......except the roof.  Oh, yeah, and the door.  However, in the spirit of Rufferto, I managed to get a giant hunk of plastic secured over the rafters and battoned down against the wind, so it should be fine for a while. 
I think.     
I'm crossing my fingers. 
OK OK, so it's going to get all wet out there!!!!   What do you expect?  I'm a Groo fan!  If I built the thing in the desert, it would get wet inside!  (Didn't Groo sink a ship in the desert once?) 
Anywho, I received a cool Groo item in the mail yesterday.  It is a video tape called "Comic Vision 3", produced in the Spring of 1987 and it includes an 8 minute Sergio interview.  The interview is really great and includes Sergio giving a succinct rundown of how Groo got started and what Mark does(!)  Also, while he is talking, he is making a very nice Groo drawing which turns out to be the drawing used on the video case!  (Whohoo! another original Groo sighting!) 
Also on that subject, if any of you remember the promotional "post card" with the two panels from Pacific Groo #5 that Mike S. discovered a while back, I finally tracked one down and it showed up in the mail too.  It couldn't actually be used as a postcard, it's to thin a stock of paper, although it is postcard size.  I guess it was just a nice little promotional item advertising Groo #5.   
Hey Two Sheds!  Do both of yours have rooves? (or is it roofs?  Or is that what dogs say? Oh, never mind!!!!) 
 Anywho, take care all -Gary "glub, glub" Grossmann