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Re: Groo in 1986 San Diego Comic Con

Finn Smith wrote:
> > 
> > Gary:
> > 
> > Are you building that shed to house your Groo
> collection (if so, it better
> > be a REALLY BIG shed . . .)

And Kevin Hall replied:
> Either that or he could just build two sheds.
> Ooops...let's not go
> there!

Better not, or I'll sue!  I swear I will!  And I'll
win, too, my lawyer's a hedgehog!

....Okay, not so much a hedgehog as a vole, but he
went to a good school!  Okay, a good correspondence
course....well, one that made enough money to
advertise on an expensive book of match....

-- A2SG, um, wanna settle out of court?

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