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GROO.COM update

>...that when I was working on the new Groo Webring
>graphics  (NEW groo.com: coming soon! hopefully!
>right, grooteam???) 

~~~ Perhaps we should make a statement so that the groop doesn't think
we've forgotten: ahem....

The initial design and look of GROO.COM is done.  The process now is the
cataloging and revamping of a lot of the info on the old site as well as a
lot of new stuff.  Kev Hall and Chad are in the midst of that... I just
don't have the patience!  ME took a look a while back and gave us the
official stamp of approval as well as possibly offering a regular news bit
to put on the site every so often.... Josh Jones is probably out there
somewhere....  We really can't give a certain time of completion as we're
all very busy and work on the new GROO.COM when we can.  But have faith....
hopefully before GROOFEST.

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