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Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

"Are you sure this is $1.00??"
>He looked it up in a price guide, then took the
>comic out of the $1.00 box, and said "No."

~~~~ Therein lies your mistake! ; )  Never, ever tell them!  I got about
1/2 my GROOs from a comic shop where the owner put his girlfriend in charge
at night and she was clueless.... "Yeah... I got all these GROOs in the 50
cent bin.... yeaaaaaahhhh."

But then she got smarter and my plan was foiled.  But I got what I needed

~Nate~ I'm sorry you had to see this side of me.  

PS. All this eating squirrel talk reminded me of a few months ago at work.
I sit next to a girl who talks all day long, so to shut her up I play with
her mind.... one day she was going on and on and I said, out of the blue,
"You ever wonder what human flesh tastes like?  I think I'd try it if given
the opportunity, cooked of course."  Peace and quiet for the rest of the
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