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Review of "Chipmunks and Squirrels"

Gee, all this talk of squirrels.....

Gary was kind enough to get me a copy of Michael Aushenker's "Chipmunks
& Squirrels", which has an into and sketch by the early Sergio
Aragones.  Sergio says: "When I read his work, I laugh. And so will
you.  Irreverent, different, satirical, yes. But very, very funny..."

Staring the world-famous cast of Shiny ("Hey, that's Shinebaum!"),
Adolph, Gurgis the chipmunks/squirrels, Dobbs the butler (moonlighting
as a sitcom actor), and A.C. Stiffy, the rich exec.  This book is
*really* funny.  It is overflowing with 'naughty humour', double
entendres, and one-liners.  Here's the dialogue from one strip:
"You heard right!"
"The Chipmunks & Squirrels move is shooting through the roof! Just
out-grossed Jurassic Park!" "And that was only in the state of Rhode
"Fabulous!" "Where's Rhode Island?"
"Beats me! Somewhere in the Carribean?"

Well, maybe you have to read it.... Anyhow, if you spot this book, pick
it up and read it!