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Trout Newletter

Dear e-Fisherfolk,
This is the month we've all waited for! Finally, it's here! We can't believe
it!! It's time for the Baseball Playoffs and the World Series!!!  Better
yet, the Astros are still in the hunt!!!!! Oh, and by the way, our new CD
will be arriving October 26th (Keith says "Happy Birthday, Dad"). This is
Keith writing here, as Ezra is over there working on an updating of the Web
site. Baseball and music have been my two favorite things since I was seven
years old. I also love the Fall with the invigorating cool weather and the
riotous color of the changing leaves. That we have one of the best CDs we've
ever done and the Astros are still playing in October... Man, I may float
away with joy.
Yesterday, Ezra and I did something that we had never done before. We sang
the National Anthem at the historic Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas at a
professional soccer game between the Dallas Burn and the Los Angeles Galaxy.
I was so impressed. During sound check, I had to go back to the van to get
something so I ran downfield. "He's at the 30, he's at the 20, the 10, he's
slow as Christmas..."  Wait, wait. Wrong sport. I know very little about
soccer, but I enjoyed this game tremendously. I'd like to thank Paul Mott
and all the staff for the royal treatment. The game was fast paced and the
players were friendly. Dallas came back from a 3-1 deficit to win 4-3. I
enjoyed it more than I ever thought possible and would recommend the
experience to anyone.
I'm going to ask Ezra if he has anything to add.
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, too. When I think of Fall, I
think of going out into the woods with a chainsaw and cutting firewood for
the winter. I think about fishing before dinner, watching the light fade
from the sky. Walking outside in the morning and seeing hoarfrost, like spun
sugar, forming on the stalks of weeds. Baseball for me, is mostly a
conversation with Keith that never involves the Astros in October unless
it's lamenting their inability to be playing in this month.
One of the interesting things for me about the Burn soccer game is that some
of the best athletes on the field were guys about Keith's size. When Keith
and I watch professional sports, there's always an announcer that says
something about an athlete that just did something tremendous and he's
really short, only about 5'10" tall. How incredible that such a short guy
could be so athletic. We here at TFIA don't consider 5'10" short. It might
be average, but it's not short!
Troutfully yours,
Ezra and Keith
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your favorite on-line store.
10/7    San Mateo, CA
THU     Zany Brainy In-Store

10/8    Berkeley, CA
FRI     Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse

10/9    Santa Cruz, CA
SAT     Kuumbwa Jazz Center
        Kid's Concert (5:30PM)
        Family Concert (8PM)

10/10   Markleeville, CA
SUN     Turtle Rock Park
10/15   Johnson City, TN
FRI     The Down Home

10/16   Wilmington, NC
SAT     Arts & Action Series
        Kenan Auditorium, UNC Wilmington

10/18   Lexington, KY
MON     Live Concert Appearance
            WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour
            Lexington Central Library Theater

10/21   Joplin, MO
THU     Kitchen Pass

10/22   St. Louis, MO
FRI     Off Broadway

10/23   Zany Brainy In-Store
SAT     Orland Park, IL

10/24   Chicago, IL
SUN     Old Town School of Folk Music
        Kid's Concert (4PM)
        Evening Concert (7PM)
10/29   Ft. Worth, TX
FRI     Kids Who Care Present
        Will Rogers Auditorium
        Family Concert
        <A HREF="http://www.fwculture.com/";>www.fwculture.com</A>

10/30   Austin, TX
SAT     UT Ballroom
        Kid's Concert (3PM)
        Evening Concert (8:30PM)

11/4    Littleton, CO
THU     Zany Brainy In-Store

11/5    Florissant, CO
FRI     Thunderbird Inn

11/6    Denver, CO
SAT     Swallow Hill
        Kid's Concert (2PM)
        Evening Concert (8PM)

11/7    Durango, CO
SUN         Ft. Lewis College Concert Hall
<A HREF="http://durangoconcerts.com/";>www.durangoconcerts.com</A>

11/13       Roscommon, MI
SAT     Kirtland Center for Performing Arts
        Kirtland Community College
11/14   Ann Arbor, MI
SUN         The Ark

11/19   Reno, NV
FRI         The Peppermill

11/21       Winnemucca, NV
SUN     Martin Hotel

12/3    Frederick, MD
FRI     Weinberg Center
        <A HREF="http://www.weinbergcenter.org/";>www.weinbergcenter.org</A>

12/4    Glenside, PA
SAT     Keswick Theatre
        Kid's Concert
12/5    Reston, VA
SUN     Reston Community Center
            Family Concert

12/9        Marietta, GA
THU     Zany Brainy In-Store

12/11       Tampa, FL
SAT     Skipper's Smokehouse
        WMNF Concert Series
            Kid's Concert (3PM)
            Evening Concert (8PM)
            (813)971-0666 or

12/12   Jacksonville, FL
SUN         Wilson Center for the Arts
            Kid's Concert (4PM)
Evening Concert (7:30PM)
(904)632-3373 or
(904)646-2222 or
12/17   Fayetteville, AR
FRI     Nightflying Anniversary Party

12/18   Little Rock, AR
SAT         Juanita's
12/31   Euless, TX
        Texas Star Conference Center
        Presented by the City of Euless
            Kid's Concert (2PM)
            Evening Concert (10PM)

1/1         Lubbock, TX
SAT         Science Spectrum Exhibition Hall
<A HREF="http://sciencespectrum.com/";>www.sciencespectrum.com</A>
1/14-   Oklahoma City, OK
1-15    City Arts Center
FRI/    (405)951-0000
SAT         <A
1/23-   Kerrville Folk Festival Cruise
1/30    Mayan American Cruise
            First come, first served; space is limited

Dates subject to change, so call ahead!