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Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

In a message dated 10/6/99 1:34:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
ericchun@hotmail.com writes:

> Hi guys/grrls!
>  >--- Starfi5755@aol.com rubbed it in and said:
>  >>Has anyone gotten this good a deal for it on the
>  >>second-hand market?
>  Well, once at Wondercon, at a dealers' booth, I was
>  looking through a box of comics, where all of the
>  comic books were supposed to cost $1.00, I think ...
>  Anyway, Epic Groo #2 was in there.  It was obvious
>  to me that the person minding the booth was just
>  helping someone out, and didn't know what he was
>  doing, so I asked him, "Are you sure this is $1.00??"
>  He looked it up in a price guide, then took the
>  comic out of the $1.00 box, and said "No."
>  At Wondercon '95, someone came over with a Pacific
>  Groo for Sergio to sign.
>  He said he had already gotten a Pacific Groo #1
>  signed by Sergio before, but his house burned down.
>  He rushed to buy this one for $30 when he found
>  out Sergio was there signing.  (Now, this is a real fan!)
>  Anyway, he took it out of the plastic bag for Sergio
>  to sign, but much to everyone's surprise, it was already
>  signed on the 1st page with a head sketch of Groo.  But,
>  Sergio signed it again.
>  See you.
>  Eric
>  Ps. Don't forget to vote for your favorite pics in
>  the FPIII contest!!!
I found Epic Groo No. 1 in a dollar bin, and I got it for a dollar! And I've 
botten two issues of groo for $5 each that were pre-signed by Sergio, Stan, 
and Mark, one with a Groo sketch.