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Re: Review of "Chipmunks and Squirrels"

--- ShiekOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:
> I know where Rhode Island is! It's the capital of
> New England, right? Right 
> across the English Channel from New London!

As a native Bostonian, my innate snobbery forces me to
point out that, contrary to anyone else's claims,
BOSTON is the capital of New England, and no othah!

And sure, we'll let Rhode Island be a part of New
England...after all, they're not half as obnoxious as
those Connecticutians!  (Fshaw, they're not New
Englanders, they're a suburb of New Yawk City!)

And thus ends todays edition of "New England
Snobbery", brought to you by Boston Baked Beans and
Boston Clam Chowdah.....and the Boston Red

-- A2SG, pahkin the cah....

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