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~~~OK, I've been getting a lot of mail to my comic font site lately and
inevitably with great numbers of people come great numbers of stupid
people.  Cases in point  this was in my guestbook:

"Liked your layout and the way you represented the fonts... Do you know
where there might be a comic panel site? For the turly lazy artist that
would rather draw than make cartoon panels.."

~~~Premade PANELS?!  They're just empty squares (circles, rectangles etc.)?
 And an artist's/writer's arangement and use of panels is integral to the
design and flow of the comic!  How's he gonna download  panels and get them
onto 11x17 bristol board anyway?  And what the hell is, "turly"?

~~~Here's another:

"Hi.  Loved your site, I have a question:  You know that symbol for when
characters swear in a comic strip?  "!#$&?!"  Do you have a font for that?

~~~ I actually took the time to point out that if he could type it in his
e-mail, he could probably type it in his comic book.

~Nate~ Is it me?  

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