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Nate Piekos wrote:
> ~~~Premade PANELS?!  They're just empty squares (circles, rectangles etc.)?
>  And an artist's/writer's arangement and use of panels is integral to the
> design and flow of the comic!  How's he gonna download  panels and get them
> onto 11x17 bristol board anyway?  And what the hell is, "turly"?

	Coulda' been worse -- "Do you know where I can get pre-drawn comic
pages.  For the turly lazy writer....."

> "Hi.  Loved your site, I have a question:  You know that symbol for when
> characters swear in a comic strip?  "!#$&?!"  Do you have a font for that?

	The great thing is, this fellow's probably allowed to vote! 

Mushy peas,