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Re: Fan Pic III!!

Eric Chun wrote:
> Kevin wrote:
> >(pssttt...Eric. I'm at work. I don't have the
> >address here. Can you send it? Thanks. And don't
> >tell anyone, ok?)
> (http://www.geocities.com/soho/cafe/6707) <-- in parentheses

Wow. I REALLY like a lot of 'em. Lots of folks have voted for Tenille's,
but they never say which one(s)!!

1) Lucky Cat...I really like the way that pic works (besides, I always
suspected there was a little Groo in Sergio... :)
2) Bubble - Grookemon.  I ADORE Ruffertokemon!! LOL Looks great!
3) Nate - what's with Groo's mouth?  I like "tattoo head"! :) And who
says you have to cheer for the good guy!?

honorable mention: EVERYBODY...especially Jacob. Wish the scan was
bigger though...looks like a lot of time to do. Waahhhhh....I wish I
could draw! Gary's stick figures look like Ruben paintings compared to
my artistic endeavors. *sigh*