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Isthay isay ethay ubjectsay

ellohay allyay!

Iay etbay eoplepay owhay endsay essagesmay otay theyay roopgay inay 
ortugesepay en'taray osay ugsmay ownay.  AHAHAHAHAHAHAY!

AnywAY, I know I've been quiet of late, but I have a good excuse:  I haven't 
written much.  I just wanted to put my two cents in on everybody else's 

My votes (I can't look up the names of the artists b/c the site seems to be 

1)  Grookemon!  
2)  "Groo you are a mendicant...." 
3)  Me!  (I want at least one point)

Also(ay), I met Larry Stellar (aka The shiek... aka The guy who misspelled... 
aka Larry Cellar).  Cool guy!   If you've ever seen a ad for Macy's, so has 
Larry.  In fact, he was probably the first guy who saw it, what with having 
written it and all.  However, he doesn't look like his name should be Larry.  
I picture guys named Larry with fedoras.  He did not wear a fedora.  He looks 
like his name should be Mario.  Yes, Mario, definitely Mario.

Oh, yeah, I think I made an original Groo sighting.  It's in this month's 
"Darkhorse Extra!"  Sergio does a completely non-groo related strip, but 
there's a hidden one in there.  I won' t tell you where:  that'd be no fun.  
Incidentally, Sergio's got top billing.  The only reason I even picked it up 
was because I saw a Sergio-esque style of strip (pantomime, of course).  It's 
right at the top of the front page. **


PS: As to Rhode Island:  of course it's better than Jersey.  If it doesn't 
exist, everyone knows zero is bigger than a negative!  It is my humble 
opinion that New Jersey is the sole cause of the national debt.  And it 
smells too.  

PPS:  I'm a native New Yorker!

PPPS:  Don't red any further if you don't like OT stuff.  The following is 
entitled, "I have a Dream", and man is it a doozy!

**Seeing a newspaper-like product with big, bold, colorful cartoons all over 
it made me think of an idea I had a long time ago.  It went like this:  a 
daily newspaper with NOTHING BUT COMICS STRIPS.  Not only that, but it'd have 
EVERY COMIC STRIP produced in America, daily.  Except, the serious "grown-up" 
ones, like Apt. 3G and its ilk.  Screw people who want to look intelligent 
while reading the funnies.  For years now comic strip artists have been 
complaining of shrinking comic space and deteriorating print quality.  This 
"newspaper" would cater and pander to cartoonists, and cartoonists only!  How 
many people would love to get a subscription to an all-funnies paper, to keep 
their kids quiet on non-Saturday mornings?  How about those whose paper 
stopped carrying their favorite funny?  What about those poor souls (like 
yrs. truly) who have to go out and buy a bordering-on-tabloid newspaper every 
day, then remove the comics and toss the rest, wasting their money, because 
"serious" papers refuse to carry the strips?  I can tell you there isn't one 
interesting article in the whole of the "Daily News", but I have to buy it 
anyway, because the Times (my subscription newspaper, the one I'm not 
embarrassed to read on the subway) doesn't give me my morning yuks?

And this paper would certainly be cheaper than normal "news" papers.  Maybe 
as little as 10¢/day.  I mean it's got less than a newspaper, which has to 
pay reporters and such, and maybe comic artists would like the idea and give 
the paper a break on cost.  

And Sunday, oh SUNDAY!  The whole paper would be full of GIANT COLOR COMIC 
STRIPS.  Good quality color, too.   Man, it'd be like a dream come true.  And 
it'd probably be a good venue for new or struggling artists to got their work 
out there and get some recognition.  The paper could maybe feature some work 
by a non-comic strip artist (either unknown or established, like Sergio) 
every week.  Beyond that, maybe it could sell some cheap space to publish 
one's own strip.

I'd buy two subscriptions, just because.