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Fan Pic III Dilemma!!

Hi Groop,

First off, I would like to thank Eric for having the Fan Pic III. I had alot of fun drawing the pic. I also enjoy looking at the pics of talented and creative people in the groop. I was thinking I better get busy and vote for my favorite.. HOWEVER, I have a dilemma... I don't want everyone thinking I'm conceited by voting for myself.. On the other hand, I really, really, really, like the autographed book. Sooo, please don't think badly of me for saying I'm voting for myself as number one.(cuz, I'm not conceited, just greedy) And I loved Tennille's Grookemon. I vote that as my second choice... and my third choice is Daniel Bron. He did a great job... And I loved all the rest too. The talent is absolutely amazing. So please love me still or at least like me.... (even tho I'm not as tasty as squirrel)
Cats have feelings too..

:-)  Lucky Cat

ps/ I just ordered the Groo Game and expansion set. I can't wait to get it. Any Game Hints?

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