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Re: Isthay isay ethay ubjectsay

In a message dated 10/7/99 7:42:55 PM, DanielBron@aol.com writes:

Oh, yeah, I think I made an original Groo sighting.  It's in this month's 
"Darkhorse Extra!"  Sergio does a completely non-groo related strip, but 
there's a hidden one in there.  >>

    Speaking of Groo sightings...

    I've just started commuting into work (I work in downtown Boston) by 
driving to the railroad station off Route 128 and taking a commuter train 
from there. The old station is soon to be replaced by a new one, currently 
under construction...and part of the construction area is sealed off with a 
wooden board fence. Well, on that fence someone has drawn a big picture of 
Groo swinging his sword at (I think) Pal...there seem to be other characters 
too, but the picture is old and a large part of it is worn away. It looks 
reasonably close to Sergio's style, too! I don't know if Sergio has ever been 
anywhere near that station, though, so my guess is that a Groo fan did it. 
(Maybe this was mentioned before, but I'm relatively new to the list...)

Rich Morrissey