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Re: Nyah, nyah!!! :-D

At 04:29 1999-10-08 -0500, Groosum wrote:
>Oh yeah??? I was talking with a coworker if mine one day and comics came
up. I
>told him I collected on a limited basis and liked Groo. He said he had a
>of books in his closet I could have so I said cool.
>Turned out there was a Destroyer Duck #1 and Starslayer #'s 1-5 in the
stack, in
>VF/NM condition.

OH YEAH! When I first started collecting comics I got them all for free
from a man who couldn't read.. oh no wait a minute.. he paid me to take
them! They where even better than mint, they where perfect! Some where so
new that they hadn't even been made yet! And I got all the comics in the
world and became a famous fan and .. and.. and all I ever wanted was to be
was.. a LUMBERJACK! Leaping from tree to tree.. [you know the rest]

Sorry, couldn't resist ;-) And when I'm at it I must add that I *do* make
the best deals of all since I live in Sweden and pay three times the
cover-price! That's at least three times as much as you! Nyah, nyah!! ;-)

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