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King Richard's

I'm going to King Richard's Faire, Sunday.  (A Medievil/Renaissance
festival held annually in Carver Massachusetts).  you're saying to
yourself, "Nate, who cares?"  Well, last year, I coincidentally wore one of
my GROO shirts there and in one day at the Faire, at least 6 people came up
to me and said, "Hey! GROO!!!! I love GROO!"  Which is more people in one
day than I've ever had happen.  (Not counting the very few comic
conventions I've been to.)

So despite the fact that the place is crawling with "fanboy" type people,
at least they have good taste.  (except for the scary role-playing fanatics
who go in costume and discuss the hit points of live people walking around
them.... I mean, I love AD&D, but ...it's JUST a game!)

~Sir Sparky of the Kensington Urinetoasts.
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