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Re: Meatballs and Squirrels

 Anyway, my first question, to by read as if I'd voiced it with suspicious
disbelief is: "There's a unofficial Groop expansion Set to the Groo game?
No way!  Really?  HOw do I get it?"

Well, Demon Squirrel had it on his geocities page, which he is currently


But there is a problem with the page (at least for me) It's fine when I
view it with IE, but with Netscape, it's all weird, the text leaves
afterimages all over the screen when you scroll.  I've never seen anything
like that before.... Squirrel, I think it's the code you have for the
scrolling message at the bottom of the page, I think it's freaking out
Netscape browsers.  (someone else please try to view Squirrel's page in
Netscape (I'm using Netscape 4)  and see if you get the same weird prob.)

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