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Re: Hell.....oh

me tirem daqui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 08:20 PM 10/8/99 +0100, Squirrel wrote:
>   Hi all.  I´m sure alot of you have looked at my home page and all, 
>well...it is the old one. The new one will be up and running in about I
>week (i  hope). Once that is opened I will post the address for you all. I
>would  appreciate it if you looked, and gave me an honest opinion. The Groo
>dream  Expansion will be there too, and if you all have any new Ideas I
>will put them  up. Just let me know. Once the new addy is up and working, I
>will delete the old  page..so bookmarks would need to be changed ( okay I
>know it is wishful  thinking, no one would bookmark my pages...) later
>peoples# Satasquirrel