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A new weapon in the war on silliness


>me tirem daqui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GALDARNIT!  I don't talk nuttin' but English an' that's the way I likes it!!! 
 You crazy Frenchmen will cease and desist from sending weird and cryptic 
messages in yer furrin' tongue.  

To ensure this I have located an all-purpose "Babel Fish*" translator, and 
using this I will decrypt and make public any and all future seditious 
messages of this type.  So there!  Try your freaky spy stuff now!!

To give you fair warning I will show you the extent of my power:

"me tirem daqui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" = (after translation) "they take off me of 
here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" = (after grammatical corrections) We will drop the bombs 
at midnight!  Long live France!  Long live the queen!"

And that's not all!  I can translate every language from Timubuktuian to 

"me tirem daqui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" = (ROT13) "zr gverz qndhv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I bet you're scared now, huh?  That's right!  We Groopers will no longer 
stand for your petty threats and extortion, fearing the funny names you might 
be calling us.  We will take this treatment no longer!


PS:  The power!  THE POWER!!!!!

PPS:  *You guys remember the Babel Fish from the Hitch Hiker's Guide, right?