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Emitting Strange Messages

OK, OK, I know I've filled my post quota for the day, but I just had to share 
this with you guys:

I took the first two paragraphs of the message I just sent, and had them 
translated to Portugese using the program I told you guys about.  Then I used 
that same program to translate them back.  The following is the result.  I 
will reserve comment; judge for yourselves.  (Adjust for the fact that I used 
English words which don't actually exist; i.e. "nuttin'")

GALDARNIT! I do not say nuttin ' but the English ' who is way I likes d! 
You frenchmen wild will cease and desist to emit strange messages 
and cryptic tongue-piece in furrin of yer '. 

To assure to this I found of "a multifaceted fish translating Babel", 
and to use this I decrypt and will make the public some and all the 
future messages seditious of this type. 
Thus there! Freaky of the spy tries its material now! 


PS: HA HAH AHYAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...hahahahah..ha...ha.....hheheh..hmm..ahhh.