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Re: Isthay, etc.

Hi Folks!

Rich M. wrote:

>Oh, yeah, I think I made an original Groo sighting.  It's in this month's
>"Darkhorse Extra!"  Sergio does a completely non-groo related strip, but
>there's a hidden one in there.  >>

What issue of Dark Horse Extra is that?  Sergio did not contribute to the
October issue (#16).

>    Speaking of Groo sightings...
>    ......on that fence someone has drawn a big picture of
>Groo swinging his sword at (I think) Pal...there seem to be other
>too, but the picture is old and a large part of it is worn away. It looks
>reasonably close to Sergio's style, too.

All right you New England Groopies!  Fess up!  Which one of you did it?

Hi TGD!  A belated welcome back!

and Hell...o  to you Squirrel!  No wonder all the squirrels are chattering
so much.  Their leader has returned!

Volker!  Are you asking about Bart Simpson's Tree House of Horror #5 put out
by Bongo comics?  Sergio was a guest wirter/artist for one of the Simpson
horror stories the book contains.

And finally...Nate, that's a great idea.  Why don't you just pick one?

OK that's it.  Now wexcuse me while I check to see if my roof-less,
door-less shed has floated away.   Have a good weekend everybody.  Take
care -Gary G.