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Re: Fan Pic III Dilemma!!

In a message dated 10/7/99 9:51:44 PM, luckycat1998@hotmail.com writes:

>  I don't want everyone thinking 
>I'm conceited by voting for myself.. On the other hand, I really, really,
>really, like the autographed book. Sooo, please don't think badly of me
>saying I'm voting for myself as number one.

Go ahead and vote for yourself! Do you think Bill Clinton didn't vote for 
It's okay to want to win! Just don't give yourself 300 email aliases and have 
each of THEM vote for you, because then, ummm, well, you'd be sure to, uhhh?

HEY! Is it too late for me to enter the Fan Pic III contest?

Larry S. AKA the Sheik of Entropy AKA the Shiek of Entropy AKA Mario AKA 
Used-Ta-Be-Called-Ambush Bug AKA The Fedoraless Wonder AKA Captain Clowny AKA 
Hey You AKA Larry Steller AKA Larry Cellar AKA Yogi Stella AKA Mr. Fizzy AKA 
Whippy the Magic Hippy AKA (Censored) AKA Darth Silliest AKA Arthur THREE 
Sheds Gumby AKA Durango AKA Bip bip bip BOOP! AKA He Who Needs A Haircut 
Again But Keeps Putting It Off AKA Uncle Lawrence AKA The Sheek of Entruppy 
AKA Unibrow AKA The Chic of Entropy AKA the Cheek of Entropy AKA Clark Kent 
AKA Langelo Mysterioso AKA Johnny Alias AKA Unirabbit's Bane AKA Hey Gary 
There's A Groo Over There, Made Ya Look! AKA Merv Griffin AKA I'm So Hungry I 
Could Eat A Squirrel AKA Grooism The Wanderer AKA The Sopwith Dromedary AKA 
What Pirates AKA Enough Already AKA Alrighty Then?