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Re: Groo Game

> ps/ I just ordered the Groo Game and expansion set.
> I can't wait to get it. 
> Any Game Hints?


Put the stickers on the dice. While it was definately
grooish to leave them off, it only seemed to amuse my
limited excuse for random thought and everyone else
got a little exasperated.

When I first got the game I thought "How grooish, they
supply dice with nothing on them", I thought it was
very funny and to tell the truth was a little
dissappointed to find out that the dice were normal
after all

Oh yeah, have fun - and no fair spilling coffee or
beer on the cards, I won't let people use em if they
are drinking or eating as well.


Greg "It's a strange world, but then again maybe
that's just me!" Craill.


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