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Re: Groo Game

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Von: Greg Craill <grooless@yahoo.com>
An: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Datum: Samstag, 9. Oktober 1999 12:12
Betreff: Re: Groo Game

>> ps/ I just ordered the Groo Game and expansion set.
>> I can't wait to get it.
>> Any Game Hints?
>Put the stickers on the dice. While it was definately
>grooish to leave them off, it only seemed to amuse my
>limited excuse for random thought and everyone else
>got a little exasperated.
>When I first got the game I thought "How grooish, they
>supply dice with nothing on them", I thought it was
>very funny and to tell the truth was a little
>dissappointed to find out that the dice were normal
>after all

Actually the dice thing was a way to cut some of the costs if I remember
correctly. I talked to Ken and Lester about it when they were over here for
a convention, and we played the marathon groo game form hell.
I also played the game when it was just in the beta test phase, it was hoot
then also. Although I was not listed as a tester, we played the game with
Keith Parkinson, Larry Elmore, me, Dan Fazier (from magic fame) and the rest
of the people who put the convention together. It was a blast. I had to
leave a bit early, but it was still fun.
Somewhere at the house I have a signed Minstrel card from Sergio, and my
Groo card is signed by Ken and Lester.(ken Whitman and Lester Smith...the
made the game) I talk to Lester every now and then,
although I have lost contact with Ken. FOr some of you who think the name
Lester Smith sounds familiar it should be, he designed Dragon Dice, had a
massive hand in Spellfire, and done many modules for D&D and AD&D, not to
mention designed a few roleplaying game worlds and systems. His Dragon Dice
made TSR millions, and won a few awards. But, TSR jerked Les outta alot of
things, all the money made from Dragn Dice went to TSR, as it was a contract
work type deal, and he has no rights to it what so ever. TSR is famous for
screwing the people who work for them.Or at least the old TSR is.
Well Later folks.
Evil Tree Rat, Holder of the Sacred Bra of Umberto